Workshops to Keep Unity Day Spirit Going
The lessons afforded by Unity Day, OA’s annual holiday to honor the strength inherent in our commitment to OA unity, are available year-round in new downloadable materials to support workshops: Unity Day Workshop examples, a Unity Day History document, and a Unity Day Workshop Flyer How-To. Find these materials at under “Twelfth Step Within: OA Holiday Workshops” and use them to dive into the insights of Unity Day and to celebrate the peace, understanding, and connection we all gain from uniting in this OA Fellowship of recovery.

New Issue of Courier for the Professional Community
The latest edition of OA’s Professional Community Courier, our newsletter to carry the message to those in the helping professions who may refer their patients and clients to OA, is now available on in the Document Library under the category “Newsletter.” This most recent publication contains interviews and testimonials to OA’s success by various professionals, including a certified nurse midwife, a chiropractor, and several therapists. Print or email copies of the Courier to carry the message to the health specialists in your life today!

Five Young Persons’ Podcasts
Young persons in OA, those who have joined between ages 18 and 30, have been given a special focus in OA so the program can better meet their needs and communicate hope for recovery. The Young Persons’ Committee invited five of these younger OA members to share their sometimes painful, but always promising stories in the Podcasts section of the OA website at Listen as Nate, Bari, Ellie, Sarah, and Isa detail their individual experiences of growing: from feeling shame, lack of control, and being “hopeless in mind and body” to gaining hope and healing through the Tools, acts of service, and relationships they discovered in Overeaters Anonymous.

Literature Catalog, Order Form, and Approved-Literature List Updates
A vital aim of the OA World Service Office is to keep our literature current and relevant to the issues that members face today. The newest versions of our Literature Catalog and Order Form reflect updated prices and additions, including the pamphlets To the Young Person, A Lifetime of Abstinence, and In OA, Recovery Is Possible, plus our latest book, Body Image, Relationships, and Sexuality.

Let your literature person know that the new OA Literature Catalog and Order Form are now available for download at under category “Literature.” In addition, the OA-Approved Literature List and OA-Approved Literature List by Copyright Date are now posted, and the web page is updated at