A Step Ahead, First Quarter 2019 Issue – now translatable

Get the First Quarter 2019 issue of A Step Ahead and get the latest news about OA world services. A Step Ahead is now published as a web page and can be translated into thirty-four additional languages by clicking the “Select Language” button at the top of the page.

In this issue, you’ll find important and useful information about:

  • World Service Business Conference 2019, including New Motions and Amendments
  • Lifeline’s new subscription pricing and how to submit your ideas for its future
  • The temporary suspension on developing new Conference-approved literature
  • Strengthening OA’s virtual meetings through registration
  • New and updated recovery resources from the World Service Office
  • and more!

Read A Step Ahead online or download the newsletter today in printer friendly black and white and share it with your group!