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Third Quarter 2022 Issue — published July 1, 2022
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Business Accomplished! WSBC 2022 Was One for the Books

Our second fully virtual Conference was a success! Together, 218 delegates from around the world gathered online from April 22–30 for OA’s 61st annual World Service Business Conference. Twenty-one countries were represented: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland (United Kingdom), South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, and the United States.

Trustee Elections
Trustee elections were governed by the pre-WSBC 2022 board structure, which included general service and region trustee positions. As such, trustees were elected to the following positions:

  • Region Five (three-year term): Barb K.
  • Region Nine (two-year term): Emilia I.
  • General Service (three-year term): Bob L.
  • General Service (three-year term): Sandra M.

In addition, Lee R. and Gary D. were appointed by the Board of Trustees to fill vacant trustee positions. As appointed trustees, Lee amd Gary will serve through
WSBC 2023 and may apply to run for trustee election at that time.

New: Region Liaisons
Due to the board restructuring motion that was passed during WSBC 2022 (see the newly amended language in OA, Inc. Bylaws, Subpart B, Article VII – Board of Trustees, Section 1 – Composition), OA trustees were assigned as trustee liaisons to the eleven OA regions as follows:

  • Region One Trustee Liaison: Margie G.
  • Region Two Trustee Liaison: BJ J.
  • Region Three Trustee Liaison: Neva S.
  • Region Four Trustee Liaison: Meg M.
  • Region Five Trustee Liaison: Barb K.
  • Region Six Trustee Liaison: Beth B.
  • Region Seven Trustee Liaison: Karen B.
  • Region Eight Trustee Liaison: Dora P.
  • Region Nine Trustee Liaison: Emilia I.
  • Region Ten Trustee Liaison: Lee R.
  • Virtual Region Trustee Liaison: Gary D.
  • Unaffiliated Service Boards Trustee Liaison: Dora P.

Trustees without a region liaison assignment are:

  • Judy H.
  • Bob L.
  • Sandra M.

Board Officers
On April 30, the following officers were elected by the board:

  • Chair: Judy H.
  • First Vice Chair: Karen B.
  • Second Vice Chair: Beth B.
  • Treasurer: Meg M.

Board Committee Chairs
Following their elections, the board officers appointed the following trustees as committee chairs:

  • Board-approved Literature: Barb K.
  • Board Reference Manual Review: Beth B.
  • Conference Planning: Karen B.
  • Convention 2025: Dora P.
  • Delegate Support Fund: Meg M.
  • Internal Information: Bob L.
  • International Publications/Translations: Dora P.
  • Literature Review: Neva S.
  • Professional Tradeshows/Public Awareness: Sandra M.
  • Strategic Planning: Karen B.
  • Website Review: BJ J.
  • Ad Hoc Realignment/Reapportionment: Margie G.
  • Ad Hoc Use of OA Literature: Meg M.
  • Ad Hoc Zoom Bombing: Lee R.

Conference Committee Trustee Co-Chairs
Trustees were also appointed co-chairs of the WSBC committees as follows:

  • Bylaws: Bob L.
  • Conference-approved Literature: Neva S.
  • Public Information/Professional Outreach: Sandra M.
  • Region Chairs: Meg M.
  • Twelfth Step Within: Lee R.
  • Unity with Diversity: Beth B.
  • Young People: Margie G.

Delegate  co-chairs of these committees will be announced in the Final Conference Report.

New Literature
The Conference Seal of Approval was approved for The Twelve Traditions Workbook of Overeaters Anonymous.

Motions and Amendments
The delegates adopted the following New Business Motions and Bylaws Amendments:

  • Create a policy to include the Responsibility Pledge in/on all published OA literature, social media, newsletters, and bulletins maintained by the WSO except where space is prohibitive in a printed document. The WSBC further suggests that all OA registered service bodies use the Pledge on all OA locally produced literature.
  • Revise the Conference committee composition to limit membership distribution to an equal percentage of the year’s registered delegates.
  • Create a policy to make a PDF of the board-approved newcomer-oriented pamphlet, Where Do I Start?, available to anyone to download and print.
  • Amend Article VIII, Section 3 to allow interpreters for individual non-English speaking delegates and those with other special needs to address the Conference.
  • Amend Article VII, Section 1 to restructure board composition to seventeen trustees instead of eleven region trustees and six general service trustees. (The board officers will assign trustee liaisons to each region annually.)
  • Amend Article VII, Section 4 to include participation at the region level (the extent of participation to be determined by each region) as part of trustee applicant qualifications.
  • Amend Article VII, Section 5 to allow trustee nominations to be submitted by the regions only. (Refer to the WSBC 2022 Wrap-Up Report for six housekeeping motions updated because of the adoption of this amendment.)
  • Amend Article VI, Section 1 (housekeeping).
  • Amend Article VI, Section 4 (housekeeping).
  • Amend Article XII, Section 1 to specify that, for the purpose of amendments, the English version of official documents is the version of record and all amendments shall be made to the version of record.
  • Amend Article VI, Section 1 to add “US” to the “Virgin Islands” and add “Caribbean Islands” to the Region Eight composition.
  • Amend Article VIII, Section 4 to allow each language and special-focus service board to send one qualified delegate only to Conference.
  • Amend Article V, Section 2 to allow unaffiliated groups or new groups that do not have an intergroup or national service board in their language to affiliate with an intergroup or national service board that supports groups in their language, including translation of OA literature.
  • Amend Article XII, Section 1 to require Conference motions to be submitted to the WSO by December 1 (postmarked or date-and-time stamped) and distributed to all registered delegates and service bodies by January 5.

Final Conference Report and Wrap Up
The Final Conference Report will be available for download from the WSBC web page in July. Delegates and service bodies will be notified via email. A list of delegate names and contact information will be emailed directly to delegates.

For information on Conference voting results, read the WSBC 2022 Wrap-Up Report found on the WSBC web page.

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