— Tina C., Treasurer, General Service Trustee

Well, HELLO 2021; it’s so GREAT to 
see you!

First, a huge shout out to all of us! Individual members, groups, service bodies, and OA as a whole—congratulations! Instead of crumbling and rolling over during the 2020 pandemic, we all rose to the occasion, and OA is so much stronger for it!

A Balanced Budget
Despite being virtual for over a year, your Board of Trustees has been very active. After much thought and careful consideration, the board approved in November a 2021 balanced budget of US$1,812,400. Many exciting and needed projects and events will be sponsored through the use of this budget, supported by WSO staff, trustees, region chairs, and others.

Record Contributions
Many thanks for your generous contributions throughout 2020! Despite COVID-19, OA has seen some of its highest monthly contributions ever, allowing OA to fund literature translations, new literature, website maintenance, public information and outreach, and so much more. These cash contributions were even more important because our literature and book
 sales were greatly reduced in 2020. Members and groups can help support OA literature in 2021 by ordering from bookstore.oa.org, Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Barnes and Noble Nook.

This year, the WSO staff has received many questions like “What do I do with all this Seventh Tradition money?” As your treasurer, I strongly encourage you to pass it forward, whether to your intergroup, service board, or the World Service Office. There will never be too much money at any level for OA’s primary purpose: “to carry its message to the compulsive overeater who still suffers” (Tradition Five).

At the world service level, paper checks are always welcomed, but the best way to contribute is through oa.org/contribute. When you complete your transaction on oa.org, everything is immediately and automatically recorded and processed, which saves staff time. If you are contributing on behalf of your meeting, please be sure to include your meeting’s number.

Designating Your Contribution
Did you know you can also specify how you’d like your donation to be used? There are many different types of funds to which you can contribute. OA has two major categories of funds:

  • General—the contribution is used for any purpose as needed, including literature development, public awareness and information, website maintenance, staffing, etc.
  • Restricted—money may only be used for specific projects. Unused money remains in the account and ongoing contributions help each fund grow for future use.

For restricted funds, there are three fund designations:

  • Translation Assistance Fund—contributions are used to work on the translations of OA literature and books into as many languages as possible.
  • Delegate Support Fund—supports service bodies that wish to send delegates to World Service Business Conference but are not able to afford the delegate’s expenses.
  • Professional Exhibits Fund—supports our service bodies’ ability to carry the message to health and wellness professionals who may refer their patients and clients to OA by paying costs to exhibit at professional conferences and conventions.

The Annual Appeal is also a designation option listed on oa.org/contribute, and these contributions are added to the general fund.

Set Up an Automatic Contribution
Automatic Recurring Contribution FlyerHave your heard about OA’s Automatic Recurring Contribution program? Again, if you go to oa.org/contribute, you can make arrangements to have a monthly or quarterly contribution automatically transferred from your account into any of the funds listed above. This is both safe and easy to set up. This has been especially helpful for me, since I now have more virtual meetings for which I want to contribute my Seventh Tradition. Instead of keeping different envelopes of money in my desk drawer, I have set up ARC accounts for several meetings. This means my ARC contributions go directly to the WSO to help carry the message.

OA has seen a gradual increase in ARC accounts this past year. In November 2020, we had 459 ARC donors, contributing an average of US$10,103.64 per month. Being a compulsive overeater, and your treasurer, I always want more! So I’m hoping that OA can consistently be over five hundred accounts per month by WSBC 2021. Will you join me?

WOW! What wonderful ways in which to help support OA! THANK YOU to all who have and continue to contribute to support OA’s Mission Statement: “Our mission is to carry the message of recovery through the Twelve Steps to the compulsive eater who still suffers.”