We want you to share your unique OA experience with us! OA is updating one of our existing publications—A Common Solution: Diversity and Recovery. In addition, we are creating an entirely new piece of literature on sponsorship. We need your stories to make both of these pamphlets truly resonate with contemporary compulsive eaters who are learning about the transformative power of our common solution.

Members with Diverse Voices
OA wants your story of diversity and recovery.For our first project, highlighting diverse voices, we are seeking personal narratives that express your experience, strength, and hope, particularly if you identify as a member of one or more of these under-represented groups within OA:

  • race (Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Indigenous, Latinx)
  • male or non-binary
  • LGBTQ+
  • atheist, agnostic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or other religion
  • young (under 30)
  • nationality outside of North America
  • English not first language
  • compulsive food behaviors or surgical methods of weight control (e.g., anorexia, bulimia, or bariatric surgery)
  • disability or other health condition

To answer our “Call for Diverse Voices,” download the call-for-stories flyer and release form from the Document Library under the category “Flyers.” Email your story and your signed and completed release form to info@oa.org with the subject line: “Common Solution” by October 31, 2021. Stories do need to be in English and submissions of approximately 500–800 words are preferred.

Members Who Are Sponsors
Find this flyer in the Document LibraryA new publication on sponsoring will focus on providing guidance to sponsors—both new and veteran—who are being challenged to meet the needs of our increasingly diverse Fellowship. We hope to receive testimonials from members who have provided support and guidance to sponsees while keeping the focus on their recovery through the Steps and Traditions of OA. For more detailed writing prompts, see our “Sponsors Publication Call for Stories” flyer in the Document Library at oa.org under the category “Flyers.”

To respond to our call for sponsor stories, email a short description of your experience with sponsoring OA members and your signed and completed release form to info@oa.org with the subject line: “Sponsorship Story” by November 30, 2021. Submissions of approximately 250–300 words are preferred. Help other OA sponsors find success with their diverse sponsees by sharing your discoveries in the OA program of recovery.