Soon, you will hear your group ask for an additional contribution to send to the OA general fund. OA’s Annual Appeal began in 2018 after a very difficult budget year and has continued as a once-a-year request to strengthen world service through an additional financial contribution from members.

Since our first Annual Appeal, many members have stepped up to contribute—we thank you! Also in these recent years, OA has seen consecutive years of abundance for our world service budget. Sales of new literature items and the growth of our Fellowship in this pandemic year have blessed us with a significant surplus.

Even with our surplus budget, there continues to be room for an Annual Appeal. OA is using this money to carry the message in many effective ways, including funding translations of OA literature and improving our attraction online, where the still-suffering compulsive eater is looking for a solution. Any amount will be appreciated, and if you cannot contribute now, we know you are continuing to support OA in many different ways.