— Judy H., Chair of the Board, General Service Trustee

So much has been happening over the past few months! August was full of drama with the cancellation of World Service Convention, but ultimately everyone seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks to WSO Member Services Manager Sandy Zimmerman, we dodged potentially hefty hotel penalties and our members and WSO staff didn’t have to venture to a locale with a dangerously high COVID infection rate. Now, we can look forward to returning to Orlando for the 2025 World Service Convention. All is good!

Send Us Your Stories!
We really need your input! Please consider answering our two calls for stories:

  1. “Call for Diverse Voices for A Common Solution” and
  2. “Sponsors Publication Call for Stories.”

The deadlines to send in your story are October 31 and November 30, respectively. You can find all the details in the Document Library under the category “Flyers.”

Three years ago, I had intended to answer the call for stories for our newest book Body Image, Relationships, and Sexuality, but never got around to it. That is something I truly regret, so I encourage you to give this service—you won’t regret it!

Bright Outlook Ahead
I’m excited to highlight several great things happening for the good of our Fellowship.

First (drumroll, please!), Lifeline will be returning as a blog on oa.org! Watch for the grand unveiling in the months to come. We know our members have missed it! In addition to delivering fresh stories of recovery, this new incarnation will offer our Fellowship so much more, including:

  • Opportunities to share your story in new ways, such as through audio and video recordings.
  • Opportunities to give service in new ways, such as being part of a team where you can help produce stories with your creative and editing talents.
  • Improved unity with diversity! Our Lifeline blog will have greater reach within our Fellowship, including serving those who struggle with literacy or who do not read English.
  • Greater visibility online to attract the still-suffering compulsive eater who is searching for a solution. Through the simple act of reading Lifeline on oa.org, you will help raise OA’s profile in online searches. And when you share your story of what your life was like before OA, you will help others like you find OA online.
  • Greater visibility on social media. Your Lifeline stories will provide an ongoing stream of experience, strength, and hope that will be shared on social media.
  • Support for future OA literature. Five books published by OA are the direct result of the thousands of stories that OA has collected and published in Lifeline. With our new blog, we can continue to grow our OA literature.

Second, we will soon bring the OA Event Calendar back to oa.org, making browsing for recovery opportunities all the easier. A new online form will allow OA members to enter all event details, and after a Traditions-based review, it will be published. Event Calendar listings will also be shared to our social media channels, so you will still see event listings on our Facebook page and elsewhere.

Third, A New Plan of Eating is now available in the bookstore at oa.org and as an e-book from third-party vendors. This pamphlet is fabulous! It replaces Dignity of Choice and A Plan of Eating. The sample food plans formerly found in Dignity of Choice have been updated and placed in a comprehensive appendix in the pamphlet. (Also, watch the bookstore for the newly revised version of one of our key publications, The Tools of Recovery, which was approved at WSBC 2021.)

Fourth, OA is in the planning stages of a significant commitment to attract young people and others who are searching for a solution online. OA’s Public Awareness Committee is looking at contemporary ways to carry the message and will bring increased resources to this endeavor. More will be revealed, so stay tuned for further announcements!

And the biggest drumroll of all is for our new Region Eight trustee, Katrina S.! She has been appointed by the Board of Trustees to fill this vacancy through WSBC 2022. Welcome, Katrina! We’re so glad to have your energy and talents serving our Fellowship.

Copyright Concerns
Last, the board voted in August to send a letter to all groups explaining the problems with screen sharing our copyrighted OA literature. (You can find the letter in the Document Library under the category “Copyright.”) With the proliferation of virtual meetings, problems have arisen because screen sharing amounts to unauthorized reproduction of OA-owned literature.

It has long been customary in face-to-face meetings for members to bring their own purchased literature or use publications purchased by the meeting. Attendees of face-to-face meetings would hardly consider taking photos of literature for their own use, which violates copyright laws. But when screen sharing occurs in virtual meetings, there seems to be no similar reluctance about violating copyright laws. Literature sales fund 30 to 45 percent of OA’s annual operating budget. I ask all of you to please support our Seventh Tradition by honoring OA’s copyrights.