Registered OA groups and service bodies as well as small groups of interested members (where a registered group might not yet be established, for example) are eligible to receive funding to assist with translation of OA literature. Recently, the National Service Board of Poland received funds to translate Body Image, Relationships, and Sexuality, and your group can get similar assistance!

The International Publications and Translations Committee recommends translating OA literature in a certain order, starting with the OA Glossary. See the full suggested list on our Guidelines: Translation page at

To apply for funding, complete the Translation Assistance Fund application (found in the Document Library under “Translation”) or contact your region chair. The next deadline to apply is June 1, 2022.

2022 Translation Royalties
Thank you to the following OA service bodies who have sent a total of US$230 in royalties to OA world service in 2022:

  • IG Mexico City
  • Moscow Intergroup

OA’s licensing agreements for publication and distribution of translated OA literature stipulate that a royalty of 10 percent of net income be paid annually to OA world service. This royalty payment supports our Seventh Tradition.