A New Plan of Eating Pamphlet Now Available
Cover of A New Plan of Eating pamphlet

OA’s newest pamphlet, A New Plan of Eating (#144), helpfully combines the structured food plans of Dignity of Choice (#140) with the inspiration and compassion found in A Plan of Eating (#145) and replaces both of these pamphlets as Conference-approved literature.

A New Plan of Eating explores our eating patterns, motivations, and behaviors, from explaining what “trigger” or “binge” foods are to accepting the many imperfections that come with active recovery. The sample plans of eating that are included in this pamphlet were reviewed by a registered dietitian and can help compulsive eaters define, structure, and review a new eating plan with clarity and confidence. A New Plan of Eating’s guidelines also include insightful and constructive tips for long days, irregular hours, and special occasions, including twelve-hour shifts and food-centered social engagements.

A New Plan of Eating is now available in the OA bookstore for US$2.00. The pamphlet is also available in e-book format on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Barnes and Noble Nook platforms. As a reminder, OA receives a royalty share for e-book purchases made through these third-party vendors.

Now that A New Plan of Eating is available, please note that Dignity of Choice and A Plan of Eating are no longer Conference-approved literature. However, any service bodies currently licensed to translate Dignity of Choice or A Plan of Eating are permitted to continue their publication and sales until that service body publishes the new publication in their language. The best resource to ensure your group is using approved literature is the OA-Approved Literature List.

Bulletin Board Attraction Sticky Notes Now US$3.00
Due to an increase in supply costs, the price of our popular Bulletin Board Attraction Sticky Notes has been raised to US$3.00. This classic tool for carrying the message of OA comes in pads of 25 sticky notes with room to write in your meeting location and time. Since you can stick it on most surfaces without leaving marks, Bulletin Board Attraction Sticky Notes are a great choice for carrying the message on community bulletin boards at local coffee shops, libraries, or other event centers. Buy them at bookstore.oa.org.

Twelve Freedoms Wallet Card
Celebrate your freedom from compulsion with a Twelve Freedoms wallet card! Created to commemorate World Service Convention, this limited-edition trifold wallet card is an easily accessible reminder of the poignancy of our program, listing the freedoms that we enjoy in our recovery. Whether you’re guarding against slips or encouraging another struggling compulsive eater in need, keep the Twelve Freedoms wallet card (#447) close. Available at bookstore. oa.org for only US$.55.

To the Young Person: Now a Free Download!
Many OA members are intimately familiar with how the seeds of compulsive eating can be planted in our youth—even our earliest childhood memories. Many of us who have found hope in OA have repeatedly expressed a fervent wish to get the years of suffering back. With that in mind, OA has recently redoubled its efforts to reach young people ages 18 to 30 to help them start their recovery journey earlier in life.

To help, OA has made the recently updated e-pamphlet To the Young Person a free download. Download and share it today from:

To the Young Person can inspire compulsive eaters of all ages to begin—or continue anew—their journey of recovery from compulsive eating.

Brand-New Portable Resource: Discover Our Podcast en Español!
Spanish-speaking compulsive eaters now have access to an official set of OA testimonials at oa.org/podcasts/podcast-en-espanol. The podcast is titled “Cinco Historias de Recuperación de OA,” and includes five stories of recovery that last, in total, a little over 15 minutes. Share this quick bite of recovery with your fellow Spanish-speaking OA members and friends today.

Meeting Formats Updated with WSBC 2021 Abstinence and Recovery Policy
Following the delegates’ decision at World Service Business Conference 2021 to restore OA’s previous Abstinence and Recovery Policy, all suggested meeting formats on have been revised to include the updated policy language:

“Abstinence is the action of refraining from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors while working towards or maintaining a healthy body weight.

“Spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery is the result of living and working the Overeaters Anonymous Twelve Step program on a daily basis.”

The revised formats are:

You can find all our suggested meeting formats in the Document Library under the category “Meeting Formats.” Spread the word! Let your meeting secretary know about this change, which affects OA as a whole.

Special Focus Updated to LGBTQ+
The OA Board of Trustees recently renamed the LGBT special-focus category “LGBTQ+” to better reflect the diversity in our Fellowship, and the WSO has updated Find a Meeting with this new special-focus name. You can find all special-topic and special-focus categories recognized by OA in the “Additional search options” menu in Find a Meeting.