Latvian and Romanian Translations Funded by OA
In late 2020 and early 2021, a board designated asset fund was used to help two groups, the Latvian National Service Body and OA Cluj of Romania, begin translating basic texts to carry the message to their underserved language communities. This project stemmed from the International Publications and Translations Committee’s renewed dedication to create more translations of basic OA texts for our international Fellowship. The Latvian NSB, which received US$2,620, is currently translating Where Do I Start?, Twelve and Twelve, Second Edition, and The Twelve Step Workbook, Second Edition, while OA Cluj (Romania) is translating the Twelve and Twelve, Second Edition with their allocation of US$1,300.

Access to literature in a compulsive eater’s native language can be the true make-or-break factor that decides whether that person is able to receive the hope that OA offers. On a broader scale, expanding the availability of OA literature in more languages leads to the organization of new meetings and service bodies, which carries the message of OA even further. To those pursuing translation of OA literature, we are grateful for your service and look forward to more translations of OA texts to carry the message worldwide.

Translation Assistance Fund Deadline June 1: Apply Today!
If your group or service area struggles with the availability of OA literature in your native language, help is available! OA’s Translation Assistance Fund is a dedicated special fund to assist with the translation of OA literature into other languages and is currently receiving applications from OA members and service bodies. The TAF has helped groups translate the message of OA into Simplified Chinese, Greek, Hungarian, Persian, Russian, and more. Add your language to the list! Find the application and other information on the Translation page. Once you complete the application, please email, fax, or mail it to the World Service Office. Applications are due at the WSO by June 1, 2021, and funds will be allocated to eligible groups in the ensuing weeks. Don’t wait to turn in your application—this is the last application opportunity in 2021. The next deadline for TAF applications won’t be until February 1, 2022.

For more information about funding, contact your region trustee or the WSO on our main page. If you would like to contribute to this fund, visit and select “Translation Assistance Fund” in the “Designation” drop-down menu.

Put “Program Language” into Your Language
When it comes to translation, clear communication of our program is vital in sharing our message of hope and recovery from compulsive eating. An important aspect of our translation process is verifying that the translation of OA terms continues to convey our special meanings, for example, with words such as “abstinence,” “recovery,” and “Higher Power.” The OA Glossary, which can be found in the Document Library under the “Translation” category, is a helpful reference document that acts as a compendium of hundreds of the most common English words and phrases in our program. It is our goal to create a verified translation of this important reference document in as many languages as our Fellowship needs.

Glossary Volunteer flyerSo far, Glossary volunteers have translated the OA Glossary into Afrikaans, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, and Zulu. If English is your second or third language, join these Glossary volunteers and give service beyond the group level! The WSO would love to hear from you. Contact your local or national translation committee or your region chair if you’re interested.