WSBC Translations Survey Asks, “How Should We Set Up Translation and Interpretation Services for Delegates?” Respond by November 1, 2021

— Dora P., Virtual Region Trustee, Ad Hoc Translation Committee Chair

After receiving an enthusiastic response from delegates to World Service Business Conference 2021, the Board of Trustees has formed an ad hoc committee to discuss ways to better help delegates who don’t understand or speak English participate in future World Service Business Conferences. This ad hoc committee is composed of three current trustees, a former trustee, and a delegate, and we are discussing what would be best for OA as a whole.

We have concerns and questions about this idea, and would appreciate input from service bodies and members. If you are a professional translator or interpreter and an OA member, we are seeking your feedback about how to best offer:

  1. interpreter services for WSBC speakers,
  2. translated materials used during WSBC (such as the agenda, New Business Motions, and literature manuscripts), and
  3. how to best help non-English-speaking delegates give year-long service as a member of a WSBC committee.

If you are from a service body that would like to send non-English-speaking members to the WSBC, we also want to hear from you. For example, does your service board have the OA Bylaws (Subparts A and B) and Business Conference Policy Manual already translated? Is your service body able to pay for translation and interpretation for your non-English-speaking delegates? Do you think that it is essential to have translated versions of all New Business Motions prior to WSBC?

Please send us your thoughts. Complete our survey at by November 1, 2021. Thank you.


More Translation News: Funding Available, Public Information Videos, and Royalties

Translation Assistance Funds
Registered OA groups and service bodies as well as small groups of interested members (where a registered group might not yet be established, for example) are eligible to receive funding to assist with translation of OA literature. Recently, the National Service Board of Poland received funds to translate Body Image, Relationships, and Sexuality, and your group can get similar assistance!

The International Publications and Translations Committee recommends translating OA literature in a certain order, starting with the OA Glossary, so that primary texts are translated first. See the full suggested list on our Guidelines: Translation page.

To apply for funding, complete the Translation Assistance Fund application (found in the Document Library under “Translation”) or contact your region chair. The next deadline to apply is February 1, 2022.

Public Information Videos
The World Service Office has animated public information videos, with timecodes and scripts, available for voice-over or translation. See the videos in English at under the “Public Information” heading and contact the WSO for more information.

Translation Royalties
Thank you to the following OA service bodies who have sent a total of US$3,638 in royalties to OA world service in 2021:

  • Iran’s OA National Service Board
  • IG Mexico City
  • Moscow Intergroup
  • OA Great Britain National Service Board
  • Israel National Service Board
  • Finland’s OA Intergroup
  • National Service Board OA of Greece
  • First Hungarian Intergroup

OA’s licensing agreements for publication and distribution of translated OA literature include instruction that a royalty of 10 percent of net income be paid to OA world service. This royalty payment supports our Seventh Tradition.