Where Do I Start pamphlet and translation optionsMultiple Translations of Where Do I Start? Pamphlet Now Free to Download

Great news for translation fans! OA’s introductory pamphlet Where Do I Start? is now available for free download and distribution in twenty languages. Simply navigate to oa.org/document-library and select either the “New to OA” or “Translation” category to see all available languages:

Where Do I Start? includes the Fifteen Questions, the Tools of Recovery (abridged), sample plans of eating, the OA Promise, and “Welcome Home,” as well as answers to such frequently asked questions as “What is the Twelve Step recovery program?”

Note: Where Do I Start? was updated in July 2022, however, all translated versions were created from the original 2018 version.

Voices of Recovery, Second Edition

The long-awaited second edition of OA’s daily reader Voices of Recovery is finally available, both in our OA bookstore and on online digital platforms. The second edition has been attentively reviewed and edited to bring the original daily meditations, sourced directly from the testimonials of OA members in 2002, into alignment with OA’s currently available literature and policies. These changes were made with great care, as reasoned in the new foreword to the second edition: “It was always the intention during the review for this second edition . . . to honor the writings chosen for the first edition that have become so much a part of so many OA members’ recovery.”

Voices of Recovery, Second Edition is recommended to anyone new to program, anyone who doesn’t have the first edition, and for those of you who might keep your well-worn first edition on the shelf but want a daily reader that speaks fully to the present moment.

Visit the Voices of Recovery, Second Edition product page at bookstore.oa.org to purchase your copy and to find links to e-book formats on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Responsibility Pledge added to Many Group Documents

“Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this I am responsible.” OA’s Responsibility Pledge, so near and dear to our hearts in the Fellowship, reminds us of the strength built from our vulnerability and community with each other. As a loving reminder of that priority, and in keeping with the group conscience decision at WSBC 2022, all of OA’s meeting formats and guidelines in the Document Library at oa.org (found under categories “Meeting Formats” and “Guidelines,” respectively) have been updated to include our Responsibility Pledge in the text.

Further, you and your group will notice that our Guidelines for Locally Produced Literature have an additional update: “We recommend that the Responsibility Pledge be added to all your locally produced literature, social media, newsletters, and bulletins, as unity in our message speaks to our unity of purpose.”

The three inventories (OA Group Inventory, OA Intergroup or Service Board Inventory, and OA Region Inventory), plus the Service Traditions, and Concepts Workshop Manual and Presentation (PDF and PPTX versions), are now all available for download in the Document Library on oa.org. As adopted at WSBC 2022, each inventory has the Responsibility Pledge added to the bottom of the last page.

Remember, “you will probably discover that your group has more strengths than you realized!”

New Tutorial: How to Submit a Motion to WSBC

A detailed tutorial, “How to Submit a Motion to WSBC,” is now available to assist members in this very endeavor. This tutorial will show you exactly how that first thought can become a motion at a future WSBC. The tutorial is available both as a nine-minute video and a translatable slideshow and can be found on the WSBC web page under “Frequently Used Documents.” (Links open to third-party websites.)