Revised and Free to Download: Service, Traditions, and Concepts Workshop Manual and Presentation

Is your group or service body in need of a refresher on the gifts of OA service, a deep dive into the meaning of our Traditions, or a return to Concepts basics? The revised Service, Traditions, and Concepts Workshop Manual suggests workshop formats and schedules, includes inventories for groups and service bodies, and answers frequently asked questions. Workshop topics can be presented as a whole or individually, with a focus just on service, Traditions, or Concepts.

For your workshop, use the engaging presentation (also newly revised) to illustrate the Workshop Manual concepts. The presentation slides and presenter notes are available in PPTX and PDF formats and can be downloaded from the Document Library under both “Service Body Resources” and “Workshop and Fellowship Ideas” or from by searching for item #773.

A quick reminder: since this manual and its presentation are now free to download on, registered OA groups do not need written permission to either distribute or translate them, as detailed on our Copy Requests page:

NEW! OA Bylaws FAQ

OA’s new document, Frequently Asked Questions about OA Bylaws, broadly answers the most common queries the World Service Office receives about forming an OA service body. If you’ve wondered, “What is a service body, and what are bylaws?” “How and when should my service body change its bylaws?” or “What if my service body wants to change its officially registered name?”, then wonder no more! This long-awaited document brings clarity to the process of registering a service body and maintaining that service body with the WSO. Find and share the printable FAQ sheet in the Document Library under “Bylaws” or read them online at!

Revised: Translation Guidelines, including New Digital Archive List

The Guidelines for Translation of OA Literature and Materials (available both as a PDF in the Document Library and at has been recently updated with a brand-new addendum, the Digital Files in Translation List. The Translation List shows all the non-English literature currently on file in the WSO digital archives and will be updated quarterly. Groups that actively translate OA literature can check this list against their own catalogs to decide which translations to pursue next. Groups that simply need more literature in their own language can reach out for a license to distribute what the WSO already has in our archives. We’re hoping to greatly increase the availability of our translated literature to members, groups, and areas of the world where English is not the primary language, so please pass this list along to those who may want to become involved with translations!

Revised: Strong Meeting Checklist and Inventories for Groups and Intergroups/Service Boards

In conjunction with the revisions to the Service, Traditions, and Concepts Workshop Manual, the Strong Meeting Checklist, OA Group Inventory, and OA Intergroup/Service Board Inventory have all been updated. We encourage all groups and intergroups/service boards to download and begin using the new documents, which are available in the Document Library at

Revised: OA Business Glossary

The OA Business Glossary, a downloadable PDF index of the specific terminology often used at World Service Business Conference and in OA business meetings, has been updated just in time for WSBC 2022. References to the OA, Inc. Bylaws and specific holiday dates have been reviewed for accuracy, and the definition of a Special Focus Service Board (SFSB) has been added. You can download the OA Business Glossary from the Document Library today.