As we celebrate OA’s birthday in January and Unity Day in February, take some time—38 minutes or so—to listen to “Reflections: A Visit with OA’s Founder,” the 1999 interview with OA founder Rozanne S., on

In the interview, Rozanne opens up about her life and lengthy journey toward becoming the founder of the Fellowship of Overeaters Anonymous, chronicling how she’s overseen the spread of the OA message around the world. Listen as Rozanne speaks with enthusiasm, humor, and joy on the inauspicious yet aspirational beginnings of OA, and gain new insights into how the powers of human connection and compromise shaped our organization from the very beginning.

Additionally, the “And Now a Word from Our Founder” recording can also be found at It was originally published in 2003 as a compilation of five keynote speeches that our founder, Rozanne S., was asked to present to World Service Business Conference delegates in 1994, 1997, 1998, 2000, and 2001. Rozanne speaks with her characteristic humor and candid humility on such subjects as the origins of OA’s Traditions, the importance of principles before personalities, and complicated issues of empathy and sacrifice. Feel inspired to rejuvenate your own program as she ends her addresses with an audibly passionate call for the delegates—and the Fellowship at large—to engage in greater acts of service on behalf of OA.