Updated: Public Information Resource List
The Public Information Resource List includes all PI-minded podcasts, posters, pamphlets, and more into a single, easy-to-read document. The newest version has been updated with accurate links to oa.org. Whether you want to send a still-suffering compulsive eater an inspirational message, learn how to organize an event, or perform a skit for your group, get a head start in carrying the message with the Public Information Resource List, found in the oa.org Document Library under the “Public Information” category.

New Newcomer Pamphlet Available in Print and as E-Book
pamphlet coverTo simplify our literature and carry the OA message of hope, the WSO has combined several older pamphlets into a new, streamlined pamphlet. In OA, Recovery Is Possible: About Compulsive Eating and the OA Program of Recovery (#135) distills the vital information from Questions and Answers, A Program of Recovery, and Compulsive Overeating: An Inside View, which are all now discontinued (An Inside View will remain in the Professional Presentation Folder (#870)). In OA, Recovery Is Possible focuses on defining compulsive eating for the newcomer and answering questions about the basics of our recovery program. Conveniently, you can find it in print in our OA bookstore and as an e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple platforms for US$2.00.

New Abstinence Pamphlet Available in Print and as E-Book
A Lifetime of Abstinence: One Day at a Timepamphlet cover (#155) dives into the details of what abstinence looks like on a daily basis. This pamphlet combines the best of the three newly discontinued pamphlets it replaces: A Commitment to Abstinence, Before You Take That First Compulsive Bite, Remember . . ., and Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight. A Lifetime of Abstinence gives newcomers and members practical suggestions to build and develop a recovery program, as well as a compassionate perspective on the multifaceted disease that is compulsive eating. Find it in print in the OA bookstore and as an e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple platforms for US$1.00.

New Literature Translations in E-Book Format
OA has expanded its online offerings of e-books to include books and pamphlets in languages other than English, including the translations of Voices of Recovery into Italian, Voci di Recupero, and Where Do I Start? into Portuguese, Por Onde Começo?, available on Amazon. Direct your Italian- and Portuguese-speaking family, friends, and fellows to these resources and include more recovering compulsive eaters in our Fellowship!

Revised: To the Young Person Pamphlet
Cover image of To the Young Person ebookTo the Young Person (#280) has been thoughtfully modernized to include all-new recovery stories—plus a classic testimonial—submitted by young OA members, for young OA members. The fulfillment of OA’s promises of recovery is foregrounded and the life stories of the authors varied, making this pamphlet meaningful for OA members of all ages. The questionnaire has been rewritten to better help young people to decide if they have a problem with food. To the Young Person is available exclusively as an e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple platforms. With the publication of this new pamphlet, the To the Teen pamphlet and the Young Person’s Packet are now discontinued. Note: To the Teen Questionnaire (#756) has not been discontinued and is still available at bookstore.oa.org.

Non-Real-Time Meeting Update
OA members who need meetings with flexible schedules, such as email loops, social media groups, and forums, will have an easier time finding a meeting now that non-real-time meetings have been incorporated into the Find a Meeting database. A new “non-real-time” tab with a search function has replaced the previous PDF list.

Five New Workshops for Your 
OA Events
The Twelfth Step Within Committee has developed five new workshops to support our Fellowship-wide holidays, including International Day Experiencing Abstinence, Sponsorship Day, and Twelfth Step Within Day. They’ve also included a “Back to Basics” workshop, which can be held anytime, as well as “A Sponsor’s Toolbox,” which is specifically designed to help sponsors navigate the responsibilities of sponsorship more easily. Download these new workshops today and file them in your plans for your upcoming OA events. Find all the new workshops under the category “Twelfth Step Within: OA Holiday Workshops” at oa.org/document-library.

Upgraded: Translation Guidelines
Translation of OA literature and materials is one of the most meaningful ways for us to carry our message of recovery to the greatest number of still-suffering compulsive eaters. To reflect how important this service is, we have moved our Guidelines for Translation of OA Literature and Materials, as well as a printable PDF, to a more prominent location under “Resources” in the main oa.org navigation menu. Read these guidelines for time-tested suggestions about the translation process, including the importance of accuracy and how to decide which pieces of OA literature to translate first.