About Virtual Meetings

OA virtual meetings consist of telephone, online, and non-real-time meetings. Using telephone or online technology, OA members from around the world may attend meetings together. These meetings take place in “real time” and are fully interactive.  Also included are non-real-time meetings, which do not meet in real time.

Virtual meetings make recovery from compulsive eating possible for those who are unable to physically attend meetings, and also serve as a valuable program supplement to those who attend face-to-face meetings.

Like all registered OA meetings, virtual meetings welcome all who have the desire to stop eating compulsively, do not require members to practice any actions to remain a member or to share at a meeting, have no affiliations other than OA, and practice the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of OA.

Find a Telephone, Online, or Non-Real-Time Meeting

Overeaters Anonymous has more than 400 virtual recovery meetings each week for compulsive overeaters, bulimics and anorexics and the numbers continue to grow.  Meetings are available every day and most any time during the day or night.  Average attendance per meeting is 39 members.  Anyone with a desire to stop eating compulsively is welcome.

How Virtual Meetings Support OA

OA depends on the generosity of its members and groups. Contributions are a way to show gratitude for the OA program.(MORE)

Even though virtual meetings seem to have no direct expenses, funds are necessary to keep the World Service Office (WSO) operating.  They maintain the OA website, provide an up to date worldwide meeting list, print and distribute OA literature, and have an e-mail distribution list for members.  In a virtual meeting we pass the virtual basket and ask members to contribute via the internet or by mailing in a contribution to

P.O.  BOX 44020
Rio Rancho, NM 87174-4020 USA

Automatic Recurring Contributions (ARC) makes contributing easy if you attend telephone or online meetings. Register to give monthly or quarterly with your credit card. Contribute for a single meeting or use group numbers to give for multiple meetings or a virtual intergroup.

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