About Virtual Services

What is a Virtual Service Board (VSB)?

ServiceBodies_AboutVirtualServices_boardVirtual Service Boards are created by two or more virtual groups that have a commonality (such as format or focus) and a desire to share information and help each other thrive.

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Why form a Virtual Service Board?

  • Virtual Service Boards allow virtual groups to have a voice and a vote in what happens to OA as a whole by attending the World Service Business Conference (WSBC)
  • Send motions to WSBC
  • Set up website presence
  • Member phone list
  • Sponsor list
  • Moderator training
  • Communication – Keep WSO current about meetings and act as liaison to WSO
  • Let people know your meeting exists with bulletin boards / community calendars / newspapers
  • Sponsor and arrange workshops, marathons, and other special events
  • Deal with common problems
  • Help to create and support a newsletter
  • Allow the Fellowship as a whole to see that members of virtual meetings have strong recovery and are a part of Overeaters Anonymous.

How to form a Virtual Service Board

  1. Take a Group Conscience in meetings.  Two or more registered OA meetings must desire to form a VSB
  2. Prepare a Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Bylaws
  3. Elect officers (suggest Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and possibly Vice-Chair)
  4. Set up bank account or Internet Payment Account to collect 7th Tradition
  5. To register your meeting use this Registration Form. Submit your Statement of Purpose or Bylaws to WSO by email or post.

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