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Writing Guidelines

Write directly to the topic you have chosen. You may write on any topic important to you, or you may write about a specific topic that will be covered in an upcoming issue. See below for 2020 Lifeline topics and writing prompts. (MORE)

Focus on the experience, strength, and hope you have found in OA. References to other Twelve Step programs and outside support are considered outside issues. Briefly describe your physical, emotional, and spiritual condition when you entered OA. Be specific, including your weight at that time.

Relate in detail how the Steps, Step Principles, Traditions, Tools, and/or Twelve Concepts of OA Service helped in your recovery.

Describe your OA experience. Tell the length of your abstinence and, if applicable, the weight loss or weight gain you have maintained.

Lifeline publishes poems and humorous pieces that carry an OA message of experience, strength, and hope or that speak directly to the OA program. Submissions must be the original work of the sender and may be edited. Lifeline loves photographs taken by members! No faces please. Photographs cannot be returned.

Limit your story to 500 words if possible. When submitting handwritten stories, please write legibly. Manuscripts and letters sent to Lifeline are assumed intended for publication, are subject to editing, and become the property of OA, Inc. Submissions are not returned. All submissions must contain the author’s full name and address. You may request anonymity with publication. Your state, province, or country may remain anonymous if you so indicate.

Submission does not guarantee publication. We do not publish stories that contain outside issues or that do not demonstrate recovery through the OA program. Lifeline does not send contributors an acknowledgement when their stories are received. If your story is chosen for publication, we will notify you of its publication date and offer a complimentary copy of that Lifeline issue.

Mail, email or fax your story to:

Lifeline • PO Box 44727 Rio Rancho, New Mexico • 87174-4727 USA

Fax: 505-891-4320 • Email:

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Lifeline Topics and Writing Prompts

Deadlines for monthly featured topics are three and a half months prior to the first day of the month of publication. Please indicate the topic and month for which you are submitting the article based on the deadlines in parentheses. Typed letters by email, mail, or fax are preferred. Letters must contain the author’s name and address, even if the author wishes to remain anonymous in print. Lifeline promotes “unity with diversity” regarding the race, nationality, gender, age, physical challenges, and sexuality of its writers.

Generally Speaking Write on any topic you find meaningful.
24/7 Program Share about mixing local and virtual OA resources, such as meetings, sponsors, telephone, literature, conscious contact, or podcasts, to ensure program is there for you anytime you need it.

August 2020 (Deadline: 4/15/20) — Click for More Info

  • Stepping Up to Sponsorships
  • Our Tradition of Anonymity
  • Outside Addictions and OA Recovery
Stepping Up to Sponsorships Sponsorship Day will be celebrated August 15–16, 2020. What led you to first become a sponsor? Lessons learned? How has sponsorship boosted your recovery?
Our Tradition of Anonymity Maintaining anonymity is the responsibility of both members and groups. What measures have you or your group taken to preserve anonymity or handle a break in anonymity? How has anonymity benefited your recovery and OA as a whole?
Outside Addictions and OA Recovery Has your OA recovery included overcoming cross addictions or addictions among family? How did you sort your problems to find clarity about compulsive food behaviors? How has working the Steps in OA helped? Why is OA important even if you belong to another program? How have you kept OA a priority?

September 2020 (Deadline: 5/15/20) — Click for More Info

  • Literature in Recovery
  • The Story of My Amends
  • Step Work as an Atheist or Agnostic
Literature in Recovery How have you used OA-approved literature in your recovery? What impact has Where Do I Start? had for you or your group? How has literature helped you give service or carry the message?
The Story of My Amends What needed to happen before you could consider making amends? How did your amends play out? What was it like to make direct amends versus living amends, and why is each important?
Step Work as an Atheist or Agnostic How have you worked the Steps as an atheist or agnostic? How did you handle “the God thing”? What is your HP, and how do you maintain conscious contact? Where have you found the support you need from within the Fellowship?

October 2020 (Deadline: 6/15/20) — Click for More Info

  • Slogans and Other Words of Wisdom
  • Feeling, Dealing, and Healing
Slogans and Other Words of Wisdom How have slogans and other words of wisdom, whether from OA literature or members, helped keep you in recovery? What words stay with you? What words are so good you pass them on to others?
Feeling, Dealing, and Healing How have you processed strong emotions after finding abstinence? How did you work the Steps to overcome denial or find forgiveness? How has taking a daily inventory helped change your thoughts and habits? What other lessons have you learned in your emotional recovery?

November/December (Deadline: 7/15/20) — Click for More Info

  • International Day Experiencing Abstinence and Twelfth Step Within Day
  • My Recovery Miracle
  • 55 Years of Lifeline: A Retrospective
International Day Experiencing Abstinence and Twelfth Step Within Day Help us celebrate IDEA this November 21–22 and Twelfth Step Within Day on December 12 by sharing your story about how abstinence or Twelfth Step Within service has made a difference for you.
My Recovery Miracle We often say, “Don’t leave before the miracle happens!” Share the story of your recovery miracle. How long did it take? Was it a recovery milestone? HP stepping in? A gift of desperation? What turning point brought you to seek help or took your recovery to the next level? What has your miracle meant to you?
55 Years of Lifeline: A Retrospective Let’s bid Lifeline farewell in our final issue. How has Lifeline supported your recovery? Together we can commemorate Lifeline’s contributions to our Fellowship!


  • NEW! Focus on the Footwork: Share how you work your program of recovery.
  • Bits and Bites: Add to our collection of short inspirational quotes and recovery wisdom.
  • Step Study, Living Traditions, Service and Recovery, and The Spiritual Path: Share about the month’s Step or Tradition or send a story about service or connecting with your HP
  • Newcomers Corner: Newcomers, share your OA experiences and concerns.
  • Share It (Letters to the Editor): Was a Lifeline issue or story special for you? Tell us!


Lifeline accepts artwork and photos (no faces, please) for publication. Credit lines and rights to submitted work apply equally to articles, artwork, and photos. The WSO does not return submitted materials. Lifeline may edit articles and crop photos.

For a PDF of Lifeline monthly topics click here. For a PDF of the Lifeline Writers Guidelines click here.