Daily Meditations

“Meditation is our way of quieting our minds so we can get better acquainted with this Higher Power of ours. As with prayer, there is no one right way to practice meditation; in fact, most of us vary our practices from time to time.

The only way to do meditation wrong is not to do it at all. We compulsive people are oriented to action. Meditation is an action which gives us much-needed practice in the art of sitting still and opening our hearts to receive spiritual nourishment. Many of us have spent a lot of time running—running from the food, then running to it—and many of us have turned to excess food for its sedative effect. Eating compulsively was our chief means of relaxation. Meditation offers us a way to stop running and to relax without eating.

The only way to do meditation wrong is not to do it at all.

When meditating, we consciously choose to focus our minds on something other than our everyday desires and concerns. We might begin to do this by breathing deeply and counting our breaths, by holding a special object and concentrating on how it feels, by listening to soft music, by repeating a word or phrase, by concentrating on an image, by staring at an object or picture, or by other means.” The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous (p. 95-96)