A New Plan of Eating Combines and Replaces both Dignity of Choice and A Plan of Eating

Cover of A New Plan of Eating pamphlet

OA’s newest pamphlet is now available! A New Plan of Eating (#144) combines the structured food plans of Dignity of Choice (#140) with the inspiration and compassion found in A Plan of Eating (#145) and replaces both of these pamphlets as Conference-approved literature.

A New Plan of Eating explores our eating patterns, motivations, and behaviors, from explaining what “trigger” or “binge” foods are to accepting the many imperfections that come with active recovery. This pamphlet, which was reviewed and updated by a registered dietician, helps compulsive eaters define, structure, and review a new eating plan with clarity and confidence. A New Plan of Eating’s guidelines also helpfully include insightful tips for long days, irregular hours, and special occasions, including twelve-hour shifts and food-centered social engagements.

A New Plan of Eating is available in the OA bookstore now for US$2.00. E-book formats are also available. OA receives a royalty share for e-book purchases made through these third-party vendors (links open to external websites):

You can also find A New Plan of Eating listed in the latest versions of our 2021 Literature Catalog and 2021 Order Form.