ALL OA Groups: Read This Letter about Screen Sharing OA Literature

Image of letter from the Board of Trustees instructing groups to stop screen sharing OA literature.

The OA Board of Trustees has issued an instructive letter (DOCX file) to all OA groups that meet virtually to immediately stop screen sharing and all other unauthorized reproductions of OA literature in virtual meetings.

Since this issue affects OA as a whole, it is not a matter of group conscience. Moreover, it is a matter of acting lawfully, since unauthorized reproduction of OA literature violates the copyright of Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. While we are all one OA, when it comes to copyright law, OA, Inc. must actively protect its copyrights to maintain these copyrights. This is for the good of the Fellowship as a whole and in support of our Seventh Tradition.

OA groups are free to reproduce and share all print material found on, and they are free to request reprint permission of OA literature from the World Service Office. For more information about these options, see the Copy Requests page.

We ask that you download this letter (DOCX file) and share it with your group as soon as possible.