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Lifeline topics for 2020

New Lifeline topics are now online! Give service to thousands of OA members and strengthen your own recovery with the Tool of writing. Make it a part of your program to share your story with Lifeline about once a month or, like some of our writers, settle in for a writing marathon and send many stories at once. Write alone or in a workshop with fellow OA members. Lifeline will also feature a new department, “Focus on the Footwork,” through which members can share the details of how they work their program. Download the 2020 topics flyer to print and share.

Submit your Lifeline story before 3/15/20

Deadlines for monthly featured topics are three and a half months prior to the first day of the month of publication. Please indicate the topic and month for which you are submitting the article based on the deadlines in parentheses. Typed letters by email, mail, or fax are preferred. Letters must contain the author’s name and address, even if the author wishes to remain anonymous in print. Lifeline promotes “unity with diversity” regarding the race, nationality, gender, age, physical challenges, and sexuality of its writers. This issue write about:

  • Generally Speaking
  • 24/7 Program

You can also submit a Lifeline story directly through

Lifeline to be discontinued

The OA Board of Trustees, at its May meeting, agreed that changes with Lifeline magazine are needed. As the number of Lifeline subscribers continues to decline, the Board has decided it is time for:

  • OA to create new ways for members to share their stories online.
  • Lifeline magazine, both print and online, to stop publication.

Lifeline subscribers will continue to receive the same great collection of member stories in print and online through December 31, 2020. One-year subscriptions and renewals are available through the end of this year, December 2019. No new subscriptions or renewals will be processed starting January 1, 2020. All subscriptions will end on December 31, 2020.