New Free Digital Download on Service, Traditions, and Concepts Workshop Manual and Presentation

Service, Traditions, and Concepts Workshop projected on a screen

Is your group or service body in need of a refresher on the gifts of OA service, a deep dive into the meaning of our Traditions, or a return to Concepts basics?

The revised Service, Traditions, and Concepts Workshop Manual suggests workshop formats and schedules, includes inventories for groups and service bodies, and answers frequently asked questions. Workshop topics can be presented as a whole or individually, with a focus just on service, Traditions, or Concepts.

For your workshop, use the engaging slide presentation (also newly revised) to illustrate the Manual’s concepts. The presentation is available at in two formats:

The refreshed Manual and accompanying presentation are both available as free digital downloads at in the Document Library under “Service Body Resources” and “Workshop and Fellowship Ideas.” The PPTX slide deck is also available for workshop presentation and translation. Additionally, all files are available for download from the Workshop’s product page in the OA bookstore.

Also updated in the Manual and posted at for free download: OA’s Intergroup or Service Board Inventory, OA’s Group Inventoryand our Strong Meeting Checklist.