OA Abstinence and Recovery Definitions, Meeting Formats Updated

Did you know

Updated definitions of “abstinence” and “recovery” in Overeaters Anonymous were adopted at the 2019 World Service Business Conference. The revised policy states: The WSBC 2019 accepts the following definitions:

  1. Abstinence: The act of refraining from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors while working towards or maintaining a healthy body weight.
  2. Recovery: Removal of the need to engage in compulsive eating behaviors.

Spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery is achieved through working and living the Overeaters Anonymous Twelve Step program. (Business Conference Policy Manual, 1988b [amended 2019])

OA’s Suggested Meeting Formats now include OA’s updated definitions of “Abstinence” and “Recovery”

For many, hearing OA’s Suggested Meeting Format may be their first introduction to the OA Twelve Step recovery program. Give newcomers a clear understanding of our solution by reading aloud the new definitions of “abstinence” and “recovery” at your meetings using the updated Suggested Meeting Format. Find and download all of OA’s suggested meeting formats, updated with the new suggestion contribution of  five US dollars and the new definitions, in the documents library under “Meeting Formats.”