NEW Resource: Temporary Sponsors: Newcomers’ First Twelve Days

Sponsorship is a vital part of the OA recovery process, as it builds a tight-knit, trusting fellowship and invests purposefully in newcomers. To this end, our newest resource intends to bolster relationships with newcomers—and instill confidence in those new to sponsoring—by partnering those new to OA with a “temporary sponsor” to guide them through the pivotal first days of their OA journey. Stamp out feelings of intimidation about sponsorship and jump-start a newcomer’s experience with our helpful introduction to program, Temporary Sponsors: Newcomers’ First Twelve Days. This free downloadable guide is one of the newest pieces of literature to receive the Conference-approved Literature Seal of Approval during WSBC 2020. Download this new resource at under “Group Resources” and take it to your next meeting to share with other members. Need to translate? Use Google Translate for easy translation of the document into the language of your choice without needing written permission from the WSO.