NEW! Twelve Traditions Workbook Now in the OA Bookstore

Twelve Traditions workbook cover

The Twelve Traditions Workbook of Overeaters Anonymous is designed to be an in-depth companion piece to our flagship book, The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition, inspiring compulsive eaters to work through all Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, just as they have worked through the Twelve Steps. As stated in the introduction, “The Spiritual Principles of the Twelve Traditions are the focus of this workbook. We believe that studying these Principles will result in an increased ability to apply them in our program and our daily lives.” This workbook focuses on the Spiritual Principles of the Twelve Traditions and explores them through guided questions.

The Fellowship created The Twelve Traditions Workbook of Overeaters Anonymous thoughtfully, so that it can be used either independently or with a group. We do recommend that individuals complete the workbook alongside a sponsor or fellow OA member for conversation and support. Whatever approach you decide to take, it is our hope that your study of the Traditions using this workbook will transform every relationship in your life, as you practice these principles in all your affairs. Together we get better.

Print options are available at under inventory #952. We also offer a downloadable PDF e-workbook with unlimited space to type your answers under inventory #952V.