Questionnaire: Has Your Group Translated the OA Glossary?

The OA recovery program has many words and phrases with special meaning within OA: abstinence, recovery, sponsor, a plan of eating, HP. These words and more than 300 others are listed in the OA Glossary.

To support translation efforts, OA’s International Publications and Translations Committee is asking groups and service bodies for help: Is the OA Glossary translated into your language?

Read and respond to this Questionnaire about your group’s or service body’s translation of the OA Glossary. (Word documents will download.) Your response may help members and newcomers understand the OA program better when they go online. Or, your answers could mean OA helps your group receive a Glossary translation for validation.

Translations of OA literature are vital to establishing OA’s program of recovery around the world. Translations of the OA Glossary support authentic translations of OA’s literature. Help OA carry the message to the still-suffering compulsive eater by letting the IP/T know about your group’s completed or need for an OA Glossary translation. Complete the Questionnaire and send it to with subject line “Glossary” by September 15, 2020.