To the Young Person e-Pamphlet Now Free to Download

Cover image of To the Young Person ebook

Many of our members are intimately familiar with how the disease of compulsive eating and food behaviors knows no age limit. In fact, the seeds of compulsive eating often are planted in our youth—even our earliest childhood memories—and those who have found hope in OA repeatedly express a fervent wish to get years of suffering back. With that in mind, OA has recently redoubled its efforts to reach a greater variety of age groups with OA’s message, and specifically reach young people ages 18 to 30 earlier in their recovery journey.

As a result, the popular, recently updated e-pamphlet To the Young Person (#280) is now available as a free download. To the Young Person can be found and downloaded—at no cost to you or to those you share it with—from the following places:

Circulate this free e-pamphlet among new, old, and potential members, as the inclusive message of strength and hope contained in the member-submitted testimonials of To the Young Person can inspire all ages to begin—or continue anew—their journey of recovery from compulsive eating.