Twelve Concepts Pamphlet Published as E-book

pamphlet cover

The Twelve Concepts of OA Service, an explanatory guide to our OA service principles, is the newest OA pamphlet to be converted to an e-book and made available on popular digital platforms. These Concepts—from the ideas of unity and trust to delegation and dialogue—help OA members, groups, and service bodies apply the Steps and Traditions effectively in their service work.

Use The Twelve Concepts of OA Service as a jumping-off point to a weekend service retreat, to introduce business meetings, or to simply meditate on the different Concepts during your daily reflection time.

The Twelve Concepts of OA Service is available for US$2 on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Apple Books.

For printed copies, find the pamphlet in the OA bookstore under inventory #330.