Understand OA’s Global Service Structure with These New Documents

We’re really excited to have these new documents, which illustrate beautifully the many changes to our service structure that have evolved with the rise of virtual groups in our Fellowship.

To better demonstrate the intrinsic diversity and inclusivity of OA, our OA Regions map has been redesigned to better reflect the united and global nature of program. Instead of disjointed, puzzle piece-like regions, we can now see how our worldwide membership relates to one another geographically. After all, we are one world, and one Fellowship!

In an effort to increase transparency about OA’s service structure, the design of our OA inverted service pyramid has been reworked in the new OA Overall Service Structure chart to include important updated definitions and graphics.

The brand-new Affiliation and Participation Flow Chart has been created to illustrate how support and information flow to our groups through our service bodies (and vice-versa). This Flow Chart clarifies the definitions of affiliation and participation within OA, and provides a brief overview into the processes and and structures of different service boards. Encourage your group to find further opportunities for service and community by giving them a copy of this helpful, explanatory illustration today!

You can find these documents in the Service Bodies section of the website and in Document Library at oa.org.