Where Do I Start? Pamphlet Now Available as Free Download on OA.org

Woman displaying “Where Do I Start?” pamphlet on a giant smartphone.

As approved by majority group conscience at WSBC 2022, our popular newcomer pamphlet Where Do I Start? has been updated and made available as a free download from the oa.org Document Library under the category “New to OA.” (Direct link)

Where Do I Start? pulls vital wisdom from varied OA literature sources, including A New Plan of Eating, in order to give a concise and compassionate introduction to the OA program. As the Fellowship knows, beginning the journey out of compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors towards recovery can be difficult, but Where Do I Start? aims to help, giving direction, advice, and answers to frequently asked questions in its brief pages. Direct newcomers in your meetings to this link, and see how our membership grows!

Print copies of Where Do I Start? can still be purchased for US$1 each at bookstore.oa.org. E-book copies of the updated version of Where Do I Start? are available and can be purchased for US$1. OA receives a royalty share from purchases made from these vendors (links open to external websites):