Where Do I Start? Translations Now Available at OA.org

Where Do I Start? newcomer pamphlet cover with translation background

OA’s introductory pamphlet Where Do I Start? is available in twenty-one languages for download and distribution. And now many, many more OA members and newcomers around the world can access the vital information packed into the pamphlet in their first language. Where Do I Start? includes the Fifteen Questions, Tools (abridged), Sample Plans of Eating, OA Promise, and “Welcome Home,” as well as answers to frequently asked questions, such as “What is the Twelve Step recovery program?”

In keeping with group conscience decisions made at the 2022 World Service Business Conference, Where Do I Start? can be found in the Document Library on oa.org. Click either the category “New to OA” or “Translation.” It’s available in these languages:

Note: The Where Do I Start? pamphlet was updated in July of 2022, and the translations are of the original 2018 text of Where Do I Start? This note is included on the first page of each PDF.  The US English PDF has been updated.