Introduction/Step Zero

This introductory workshop focuses on the nature of the disease of compulsive eating and what it takes to be willing to go to any length to recover. Some call this Step Zero. When examining the essence of compulsive eating/food addiction, literature used includes the book Alcoholics Anonymous, a.k.a. the Big Book (The Doctor’s Opinion; Chapter 5–How it Works; and Chapter 6–Into Action) and Overeaters Anonymous, Third Edition (Foreword; Appendix A–The Role of a Plan of Eating in Recovery from Compulsive Eating; Appendix B–A Disease of the Mind; Appendix C–A Disease of the Body; and Appendix D–A Disease of the Spirit). Members talk about what gave them the gift of desperation, and journal questions are offered to help members prepare to work the 12 Steps as the workshop continues.