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International Day Experiencing Abstinence and Twelfth Step Within Day IDEA is November 18 and encourages us to begin or a rm our abstinence. Twelfth Step Within Day is celebrated on December 12 to remind us to give Twelfth Step service to the still-suffering compulsive eater in our Fellowship. Share your experience, strength, and hope about these important OA event days.
Abandoning Ourselves to Our HP In recovery, have you experienced moments of willingness, surrender, and abandonment of yourself to your higher power? How did you take the First Step? How did you nd strength in surrender? Was there a difference between surrender and compliance? How did your willingness to go to any lengths move your recovery forward?
Stepping through the Holidays How have you lived the Twelve Steps during times of celebration? What does it mean to take Steps Nine, Ten, Eleven, or Twelve in the holiday season, and is your Tenth Step different? How can working the Steps help during the holidays?