What’s New?

The message of OA recovery is being carried around the world through translated OA-Approved literature. Use these charts to see what literature and materials are available in which languages through the committed, dedicated service of OA groups and service bodies worldwide: Translated OA Literature Chart and Translated OA Recovery Materials.

Use the revised Suggested Guidelines for Writing the History of Your Local OA Area to record the timeline and events that lead to the founding of OA in your area. Packed with more than twenty-five thought-provoking questions, these guidelines can help you and your fellows archive your group’s history and memorabilia.

Use the new Uniting with Diversity trifold to strengthen unity in your group and service body. Download, copy, and share this new, free resource created by the Unity with Diversity Committee to support the strength and hope we find together in fellowship.

courierLThe 2017 Professional Community Courier is now available as a free download on oa.org and for purchase at bookstore.oa.org, both as an individual item (#752) and as part of the Professional Presentation Folder (#870).

The Courier, written for professionals by professionals, is part of OA’s public information effort to encourage healthcare specialists and counselors to consider the OA recovery program as a resource for their patients and clients.

Intergroups and service boards are encouraged to use the newsletter to carry OA’s message in their area. For more public outreach suggestions, see OA’s Guidelines for Professional Outreach Committees.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 8.52.47 AMDigital communication is an important way OA members share fellowship and carry the message. Use the new Guidelines for Anonymity in the Digital World to honor our Traditions and protect your own and others’ anonymity when posting about your experience, strength, and hope online. Click here to download, and share the link in virtual and face-to-face meetings.

ARCs—Automatic Recurring Contributions—are an important way OA can be self-supporting (Seventh Tradition). But what are they?

Use the new, Board-approved FAQ: ARC to learn how scheduled contributions keep OA strong and how to set one up. Then, download FAQ: ARC and share it with members in your group and service body. CLICK HERE.

Want to start your own ARC now? CLICK HERE to set up your automatic recurring contribution today.

Second Sunday Telephone Workshops completes our 2016 series and the twelfth podcast from the Service and My Recovery Workshop is now available to download or stream. Listen to the topic “Spirituality, Sponsorship and Service go hand in hand” which includes discussion on the principles of both Tradition Twelve, Spirituality, and Concept Twelve, Respect.
Thank you to all who participated in this years’ Service and My Recovery Workshops and to those who have listened to them.  We hope this series has brought more understanding of the traditions and concepts and the principles behind these important guidelines for Overeaters Anonymous.