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Listen to “Sponsorship Success”: a nine-part podcast series by members from various regions sharing their experience, strength, and hope with using the Tool of sponsorship. Learn more about: What is a Sponsor? Why should I get a sponsor? Why be a sponsor? What is the sponsor “job description”? What are different sponsoring styles? And more. PLUS, download the Sponsorship Success questionnaire—thought provoking questions for writing exercises, discussion, or meditation that complement each podcast. Intro 1. What is a sponsor 2. Why should you get a sponsor, and how can you get a sponsor? 3. Why be a Sponsor? Why be a Sponsee? 4. When can you start sponsoring? When can you start being sponsored? 5. What are the sponsorship job descriptions–from sponsor to sponsee and back?
International Day Experiencing Abstinence and Twelfth Step Within Day IDEA is November 18 and encourages us to begin or a rm our abstinence. Twelfth Step Within Day is celebrated on December 12 to remind us to give Twelfth Step service to the still-suffering compulsive eater in our Fellowship. Share your experience, strength, and hope about these important OA event days.
Abandoning Ourselves to Our HP In recovery, have you experienced moments of willingness, surrender, and abandonment of yourself to your higher power? How did you take the First Step? How did you nd strength in surrender? Was there a difference between surrender and compliance? How did your willingness to go to any lengths move your recovery forward?
Stepping through the Holidays How have you lived the Twelve Steps during times of celebration? What does it mean to take Steps Nine, Ten, Eleven, or Twelve in the holiday season, and is your Tenth Step different? How can working the Steps help during the holidays?

All registered OA groups and service bodies have permission to translate and reprint OA print material currently on the OA website (downloadable PDF files or text) without written permission. For requirements and a list of additional OA material that can be translated and reprinted without written permission, see the Copyright Requests page.

OA Seventh Tradition Cycle—Giving and Receiving

See the many ways your contributions support your recovery by funding the OA program at every service level of OA. Download and share OA Seventh Tradition Cycle—Giving and Receiving. This new release from the Conference Finance Committee shows how every contribution, no matter the amount, helps OA to carry the message.

The message of OA recovery is being carried around the world through translated OA-Approved literature. Use these charts to see what literature and materials are available in which languages through the committed, dedicated service of OA groups and service bodies worldwide: Translated OA Literature Chart and Translated OA Recovery Materials.

Use the revised Suggested Guidelines for Writing the History of Your Local OA Area to record the timeline and events that lead to the founding of OA in your area. Packed with more than twenty-five thought-provoking questions, these guidelines can help you and your fellows archive your group’s history and memorabilia.

Use the new Uniting with Diversity trifold to strengthen unity in your group and service body. Download, copy, and share this new, free resource created by the Unity with Diversity Committee to support the strength and hope we find together in fellowship.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 8.52.47 AMDigital communication is an important way OA members share fellowship and carry the message. Use the new Guidelines for Anonymity in the Digital World to honor our Traditions and protect your own and others’ anonymity when posting about your experience, strength, and hope online. Click here to download, and share the link in virtual and face-to-face meetings.