What’s New?

courierLThe 2017 Professional Community Courier is now available as a free download on oa.org and for purchase at bookstore.oa.org, both as an individual item (#752) and as part of the Professional Presentation Folder (#870).

The Courier, written for professionals by professionals, is part of OA’s public information effort to encourage healthcare specialists and counselors to consider the OA recovery program as a resource for their patients and clients.

Intergroups and service boards are encouraged to use the newsletter to carry OA’s message in their area. For more public outreach suggestions, see OA’s Guidelines for Professional Outreach Committees.

Second Sunday Telephone Workshops continue in 2016, and the eleventh podcast from the Service and My Recovery Workshop is now available to download or stream. Listen to the topic “Anonymity inside and out” which includes discussion on the principles of both Tradition Eleven, Anonymity, and Concept Eleven, Humility.
To participate in the next telephone workshop on Sunday, December 11, check the Event Calendar for dial-in instructions. The topic will be “ Spirituality, Sponsorship and Service go hand in hand.” The principles of Spirituality and Respect will be discussed by our speakers.

Use the three-part action plan laid out in the new From Slip or Relapse to Recovery to reclaim abstinence. Take an inventory, develop a plan, and renew your commitment to your OA program—commit to the most loving thing you can do right now for yourself, your abstinence, and your recovery.

Use the revised “Been Slipping and Sliding? A Reading and Writing Tool” to stop the slips, help turn around a relapse, and recommit to your OA program. Updated with all-new reading references to Overeaters Anonymous, Third Edition, this questionnaire has thirty thought-provoking prompts for journaling and sponsor-sponsee discussion. Click here to download “Been Slipping and Sliding?”

Use the new OA Glossary, created by the International Publications and Translations Committee as a starting place for translating OA-approved literature. Click here to download the OA Glossary.

“… for this I am responsible.” Use this Carry the Message workshop, introduced and tested at the 2016 WSBC, to practice how and when to share OA program information. Click here to download the workshop, which includes a Things to Consider worksheet, a PowerPoint guide, and more than three dozen practice scenarios and situations. Find all of the documents under Workshops and Skits.

Now available for download: new, revised Seventh Tradition pamphlet. Member contributions support the OA Fellowship and help OA to carry the message around the world. Read how your giving supports your own recovery and is used to make a difference. Also, find out how to make regular contributions in meetings, online, and using the Automatic Recurring Contribution (ARC) program. Click here to download and share within your group or service body.

Groups and Service Bodies: Use this downloadable tabletop tent card to encourage members to make a Seventh Tradition contribution. Every donation makes a difference. OA uses contributions to extend a helping hand and heart to still-suffering compulsive eaters around the world—both inside and outside the OA meeting rooms! · Easy to download · Easy to print in color or black and white · Easy to translate To download the Seventh Tradition Table Card for your next meeting, CLICK HERE.

New Lifeline back cover Is Food New Lifeline back cover 15QsA few months ago, an OA member suggested creating space in Lifeline to attract the still-suffering compulsive eater to a local meeting. The Lifeline staff thought this was a great idea, and with the approval of  OA’s Board of Trustees, we have changed the back cover of Lifeline. Now, the new back cover will feature either the Fifteen Questions or abridged text from Is Food a Problem for You? In addition, a blank space allows members, groups, and service bodies to add local meeting and contact information to the magazine.

We hope the change gives you another service opportunity, and we encourage you to leave a Lifeline, with permission, at your doctor’s office, health club, library, and elsewhere.

Now members, groups, and service bodies can add a subscription to make Lifeline part of our public information efforts. Let's use our stories of experience, strength, and hope to attract newcomers. Thank you for your service!

Many health care providers have never heard of OA, yet they often have compulsive eaters among their patients. This gives us a unique service opportunity because anytime we visit our health care providers, we are the message. Health care providers can see our recovery. If we share about OA's role in our recovery, then our providers will be more likely to mention OA to other people they care for.

Now we have two new resources available to help us carry the message. What to Remember When You See Your Doctor or Other Health Care Professional is available to download both as a wallet card and as a workshop.

Download these new resources today to share with your group. Together we can help carry the message to health care providers and still-suffering compulsive eaters in our communities.

The Twelfth Step Within Committee is pleased to announce a new Board-approved video resource for members in relapse and those giving Twelfth Step Within service. Free to download or stream, Breaking Out of Relapse can help isolating members and others in relapse return to their program and their abstinence. And, you can find the video by navigating to Members/Groups in the main menu on oa.org and then dropping down to Program Inspiration and then Breaking Out of Relapse. 11/23/15
Carry the message in your local library, doctor's office, coffee shop, and gym with the new 2015 Public Information Poster, a free download provided by the Board of Trustees' Public Information Committee and the World Service Office. The 2015 poster and previous years' posters can be found under Public Information Suggestions on oa.org The 2015 poster is an interactive PDF file, which features space to type in local meeting or contact information. To use the interactive space, first download the PDF file to your computer. The interactive space is not available when the PDF is viewed using a web browser. In addition, the poster offers tear-off tabs for oaquiz.org, a special URL that will lead the user to the Fifteen Questions to help him or her identify compulsive eating or compulsive food behaviors. Even when all the tabs are torn, a QR code is still featured on the poster to take the user to oaquiz.org. Thank you to all the service bodies that purchased the 2015 poster! 9/18/15