What kinds of meetings are there?

There are two ways of attending an OA meeting: face-to-face and virtually. Face-to-face meetings are where members travel to the meeting location and are in the same physical space while sharing and hearing what each of the members has to say. Virtual meetings are newer and depend on technology to provide the location/space for the … Continued

What goes on at an OA meeting?

We gather around a table or in a circle of chairs. Our meetings follow a format (like a script) that a volunteer leader reads. The format usually includes reading the Overeaters Anonymous Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. Other OA literature may also be read. The leader may ask “Is there is anyone here attending their … Continued

How do telephone and online meetings work?

They are similar to face-to-face meetings, but connect through the phone or computer. For phone meetings, you’ll dial a number and enter a pin number to join the meeting. Then the moderator will tell when it is appropriate to speak and lead you through the format. An online meeting functions like a chat room or … Continued

How do I log in to an online meeting?

Different online meetings have different sign-in instructions. There is a meeting URL listed for each online meeting. Enter that URL into your Internet browser. Then, refer to “Online Procedures” for specific instructions. A telephone number is listed, if you would like more information. The Virtual Region website may have additional resources.