This service structure chart shows how the various levels provide support for the level above it.

A chart showing how OA’s service structure is represented by an inverted pyramid.
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Individuals form groups.

Groups provide support for individual OA members. Together we get better, and we don’t have to do it alone.

Groups form Service Bodies. Affiliated Groups get support from the following service bodies:

  • Intergroups: An intergroup may maintain a website, provide meeting lists and contact information, organize recovery events, and provide other services.
  • National Service Boards: A national service board may provide translated literature and materials, social media, public information, and other services in the local languages and the same types of support as above to all affiliated intergroups and groups of a country.
  • Language Service Boards (e.g., Spanish, German) and Special-Focus Service Boards (e.g.. men, 100-pounders, LGBTQ+): Language service boards and special-focus service boards may also support groups with specific common needs.
  • Regions provide support for service boards, intergroups, and unaffiliated groups.

The World Service Business Conference is comprised of delegates from intergroups, service boards, regions, and the trustees. WSBC delegates make decisions for the common welfare of OA as a whole.

The Board of Trustees consists of seventeen trustees. The board carries out the decisions of the WSBC.


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If you are interested in starting an intergroup or service board, read Suggestions for Starting an Intergroup/Service Board for more information or the OA Handbook for Members, Groups, and Service Bodies: Recovery Opportunities.

For OA’s official definitions of groups, intergroups, service boards, and regions, see OA Bylaws, Subpart B.