Why Guidelines?

Curious how to…

  • plan a public information or outreach event?
  • plan a convention or retreat?  
  • participate at a health fair?
  • set up a newsletter? 
  • set up a website?  

We have you covered with our guidelines.  Here’s a brief description of the ones available in the menu above.

Planning an event: Explore a list of the types of events that groups and service bodies typically host. Get suggestions on how to form a committee to get the work done and how to budget so expenses are covered by the suggested donations. 

Newsletters: What to include, how to handle anonymity, where to get extra material, and who should review it before distribution. 

Health fairs: What you need to know if you ever want to participate in a local health fair, so healthcare professionals and the public can learn about OA. 

OA CARES – Inmate Correspondence: Did you know there is a need for members to write to inmates who want to start meetings or need a sponsor so they can work the program?  Here’s how volunteers perform this important service.

Public information events: Make OA known in your area through public events how to plan for them, including publicity ideas, volunteer roles, and a suggested timeline.  

Professional outreach committees: Learn ways for your service body to reach out to the doctors, educators, therapists, schools, and other professional organizations in your area.

Website development: Groups and service bodies use websites to help spread the word about OA. Here is a single source to review from time to time to ensure you are making the most of your site , while also honoring the Traditions.