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Interviews, Readings, and Meetings
Members share their experience, strength, and hope to bring the Twelve Step program of Overeaters Anonymous to life.

Specific Focus Podcasts
The Fellowship of Overeaters Anonymous recognizes the existence of specific-focus meetings (for a full list, see the Find a Meeting page) which have been formed of persons who can more readily identify with fellow members of Overeaters Anonymous with similar attributes. According to the Traditions, bylaws, and policies of OA, the only requirement for membership is the desire to stop eating compulsively; therefore, we ask each person attending a meeting to respect and consider the group conscience of the whole Fellowship and welcome and give a voice to any person who has the desire to stop eating compulsively. —Business Conference Policy Manual, 1994b (amended 2008, 2023)

  • Young People is a specific focus in OA comprised of members who are ages 18–30 or who joined OA by their thirtieth birthday. Young People’s Podcasts
  • Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi (APID) is a specific focus in OA comprised of members who identify as part of an Asian, Pacific Islander, or Desi region or diaspora. Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi (APID) Podcast

Podcast en Español (Spanish podcast)
Cinco miembros de OA comparten sus historias de recuperación. (Five OA members share their stories of recovery.)

Traditions Videos

Virtual Workshops
Listen to recordings of virtual workshops on a variety of topics, including The Importance of Working All Twelve Steps, OA Literature: The Heart and Soul of OA, and Our Primary Purpose.

Founder Recordings
Hear the words of OA’s founder, Rozanne S., in “Reflections,” a 1999 interview, and “And Now a Word From Our Founder,” a collection of speeches recorded at World Service Business Conferences 1994, 1997, 1998, 2000, and 2001.

Breaking Out of Relapse

Short Videos for Registered Groups and Service Bodies to Share on Social Media

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