The following is the WSO response to questions about liability insurance: In order to protect the autonomy of OA meeting groups and service bodies, the Board of Trustees has decided not to purchase liability insurance coverage for any entity other than Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. However, our insurance agent has provided us with information to assist groups and service boards when the need for liability insurance arises. Contact WSO for further information. 

If your meeting requires a certificate of insurance for your meeting location, a member should contact the location’s insurer (agent) and request to be placed on the location’s policy as an additional insured. It is possible once the group explains about their lack of funds the agent will waive the need for any certificate of insurance. Otherwise, the cost would be much less than for a separate liability policy. 

One member of the meeting may contact his/her homeowner’s insurance agent and ask for a business endorsement on their homeowner’s policy. Costs for this would also be low. However, the group is relying on the member’s continued participation. 

A group can work with other groups in the intergroup to purchase a certificated policy to provide certificates of insurance for all meeting locations requiring one. Cost may be based on the number of locations requiring certificates. Fees will be charged for the premium and for issuing the certificates of insurance.