It is recommended that the bylaws be reviewed annually to ensure any necessary changes made at the World Service Business Conference are included. In addition, the review will make sure that changing local needs are reflected in the document.

If bylaws need to be amended more frequently than once a year, this may be an indication that certain provisions are better moved into a more easily amended policies and procedures manual. Policies and procedures explain how bylaws are to be implemented or practiced. For example, bylaws would state that the service body meets at regular intervals, while the policies and procedures manual might specify a date (e.g., third Saturday of each month), time, and location that can be changed as needed. Unlike bylaws, a policies and procedures manual does not need to be submitted to the World Service Office and the region trustee liaison.

Updated bylaws do need to be submitted to the World Service Office for review by the region trustee liaison.

Source: Document Library on under the category “Bylaws”: Bylaws and Policies and Procedures for Service Bodies: An Overview