Common errors include:

  • Typos and other errors in the Steps, Traditions, and Concepts.
  • Group definition is not up to date. (If the service body’s bylaws simply point to the correct section of OA Inc. Bylaws, Subpart B, the service body will not have to update their bylaws if the definition of an OA group in the OA Bylaws changes.)
  • Not limiting the service body’s ability to change the Steps, Traditions, and Concepts.
  • Placing specific dates and times in their bylaws rather than referring to a policy or standing rules.
  • Defining things such as recovery or abstinence that go well beyond the OA definitions (e.g., “recovered through the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.”)
  • Mention of a specific food plan.
  • Lack of term limitations.
  • Not using the region’s or OA Bylaws’ service and abstinence requirements for representatives or delegates.
  • Placing job descriptions and specific duties in the bylaws

Source: personal correspondence from a region trustee liaison