Region trustee liaisons may use the following questions to determine whether service body bylaws are in agreement with OA Inc. Bylaws, Subpart B:

  • Are the registration requirements for the service body met?
  • Are the Twelve Steps included or referred to?
  • Are the Twelve Traditions included or referred to?
  • Are the Twelve Concepts of OA Service included or referred to?
  • Is the definition of a group the same as defined in OA Inc. Bylaws, Subpart B, Article V, Section 1?
  • Does the article on amendments to the bylaws acknowledge that service bodies may not make amendments to the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts except as per OA Bylaws?
  • Are qualifications for delegates to World Service Business Conference included, and do they meet the minimum requirements stated in OA Inc. Bylaws, Subpart B?

Source: Document Library on under the category “Bylaws”: Introduction to the Sample Intergroup/Service Board Bylaws template