In most groups, the secretary is the principal service volunteer for a stated period of time. Many groups have found it best to select a secretary who is actively working the Twelve Steps, is abstaining, and has other group service experience. Here is a summary of the typical duties of a group’s secretary:

The secretary is responsible for making sure that the local intergroup/service board, the region, and the World Service Office know of any changes to the meeting’s location, day, time, contact, or intergroup/national service board affiliation. The secretary coordinates group activities including opening and setting up the meeting place, conducting necessary elections or appointing other group service positions, and presiding over steering committee meetings. The secretary makes announcements at meetings and ensures that others, like the intergroup rep, have time to report during the meeting. In most groups the secretary keeps the group’s records, including a file of OA birthdays, weekly sign-in sheets, lists of members willing to sponsor, records of steering committee meetings, and news from the World Service Office (adapted from OA Handbook for Members, Groups and Service Bodies). Visit our Secretaries Maintain the Connection page for documents that will be helpful if you are taking on the role of meeting secretary.