Robert’s Rules of Order, with some additional specifications, are the basis of the Conference Standing Rules for World Service Business Conference. They are suggested, but not required for service bodies. Robert’s Rules of Order provide one way to structure how meetings are conducted, and many members do not believe it is better to talk things out. Here is why:

  • By using one set of “rules,” members have the same understanding of the meeting process.
  • Terms and language are used consistently; this allows everyone to be heard and make decisions without confusion.
  • This process helps make sure that everyone has a chance to speak on a topic.
  • This process also limits the number of times a person can speak on a topic.
  • Concept Twelve reads: “All important decisions shall be reached by discussion, vote and, whenever possible, by substantial unanimity.” Using Robert’s Rules of Order is one way to facilitate this.

Source: experienced OA members