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All OA meetings are autonomous and have established their own procedures. Anyone can log into the meeting, so in the spirit of your own safety and security, leave your contact information at your own discretion. Please note that some meetings choose to record all or part of a meeting for playback at a future time. By accessing and using the information on this list, you agree that you have been notified that a meeting may be recorded. To maintain your anonymity, you may use a fictitious name, or none at all. You may also listen without speaking. Be advised that in some cases, your phone number, name, or email address may be visible to others in the meeting.

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Meeting #: 800056
Website URL
Online procedures:
Go to the Website URL link above. For login details, email: for ID and Passcode.
Day: Friday
Time: 7:30 PM (Eastern Time)
Language: English

Contact name: Jesse
Contact phone #: 650-228-4600 PST
Open/Closed: Open
Special topic: OA Steps and/or Traditions Study, Varies
Special focus: Asian Pacific Islanders
Additional notes: Our intent of this meeting is to hear recovery from people who identify as Asian and Pacific Islanders.

Meeting Type(s)

  • Online

Meeting #: 89810
Website URL
Online procedures:
Please email to receive Zoom information.
Day: Sunday
Time: 6:00 PM (Eastern Time)
Language: English

Contact name: Grace
Contact phone #: 1 650-533-8788 PST
Open/Closed: Closed
Special topic: Literature, Speaker
Special focus: Asian Pacific Islanders
Additional notes: Asian and Pacific Islanders in OA is a weekly gathering of Asians and Pacific Islanders in recovery. While we have much in common with OA and are very grateful for our membership, we recognize the need for a space to share and support one another.

Meeting Type(s)

  • Online