Literature Translations

Translation Procedure and Guidelines

OA encourages literature translations to help carry our message around the world. OA grows in countries where compulsive eaters can read program literature in their own language.

If your group or service body (intergroup/service board) is interested in translating OA literature, read the Translation Guidelines for OA Literature. These guidelines describe the translation process, explain OA’s legal requirements, and offer helpful suggestions. Use the OA Glossary referred to in Step 1 of the guidelines to improve the speed and consistency of your translations.

We have a two-step licensing process for translation approval:

License 1 gives permission to translate a particular piece of Literature and to circulate the translation for the purpose of validating its accuracy.

License 2 gives permission to print and distribute the approved translation, and is also used to assign rights to the translated work when your OA group or service body is distributing existing translations that don’t have license agreements.

image158Funding Assistance for Translations

Groups and service bodies may now apply for financial assistance in translating OA literature. In the absence of a registered OA group or service body, a small group of interested members can begin the translation process while working toward registering as a service body.

Complete the Translation Fund Application and mail, fax, or email) it to the World Service Office. Applications are due in the WSO by February 1, June 1, or October 1 of each year. Applications are reviewed and funds allocated at the Board of Trustees meetings in those months.


Translation Resources