National / Language Service Board Registration / Change Form

OA Bylaws, Subpart B, Article VIII

Section 3 – Registration

  1. Each service board shall be duly registered with the World Service Office of Overeaters Anonymous by submitting:
    1. a completed registration form;
    2. bylaws and/or a summary of its purpose and operating procedures, neither of which shall be in conflict with OA, Inc. Bylaws. At a minimum, such bylaws or summary of purpose shall include a statement indicating that its primary purpose is to aid those with the problems of compulsive eating through the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous,
      guided by the Twelve Concepts of OA Service, and to serve and represent the OA groups from which it is formed; and
    3. complete registration information on each of its affiliated groups and
  2. Each service board shall submit a copy of its bylaws and/or summary of purpose to the WSO whenever either is updated or revised.
  3. The intergroups shall register separately with the World Service Office as defined in Article VI – Intergroups.

Section 4 – Functioning

  1. Service boards shall conduct business under the bylaws and policies established by their intergroups and groups.
  2. With prior notice to all member groups and intergroups, service boards shall convene at least once a year for election of officers and selection, when necessary, of delegate(s) to the World Service Business Conference of Overeaters Anonymous.
  3. A service board must be formally registered, along with its delegate information, thirty days prior to Conference opening to send delegates to the current Conference. (See Article X, Section 3c for qualifications and selection of delegates.)
  4. In order to deregister, a service board must submit a written notice to the World Service Office, the region chair and region trustee.


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