New Skit: One Piece of Literature

Share the message that we have many OA resources to help us along the journey to recovery. Use this One Piece of Literature Skit to present a fun reminder of the diversity of our literature and our approaches to the Twelve Steps.

Embracing Our Differences

All are welcome in OA. When we say or hear that only one piece of literature is the way to work the Steps, the way to carry the message, the way to find recovery, OA stops being accepting, inclusive—welcoming. Read and share Embracing Our Differences, a timely reminder that OA is a Fellowship of unity … Continued

NEW! Twelve Traditions Workbook Now in the OA Bookstore

The Twelve Traditions Workbook of Overeaters Anonymous is designed to be an in-depth companion piece to our flagship book, The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition, inspiring compulsive eaters to work through all Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, just as they have worked through the Twelve Steps. As stated in the introduction, “The Spiritual Principles of … Continued

Professional Community Courier Issue Two Available for Outreach  

Help carry the message of Overeaters Anonymous to professionals who might refer their patients and clients to OA by giving them a copy of our updated Professional Community Courier newsletter. The Courier is an outreach tool written by professionals for professionals, such as doctors, nurses, dietitians, therapists, clergy, and others to educate them about how OA can supplement … Continued

2023 Literature Catalog and Order Form Available Now

Our OA literature serves two purposes: 1) bringing hope for continued recovery to both our members and those who still suffer and 2) aiding in creating revenue for the WSO so that we may further carry the message of OA. In that vein, as announced in November 2022, Overeaters Anonymous has made necessary increases in … Continued

New! To the Man E-book

The pamphlet To the Man Who Wants to Stop Compulsive Overeating, Welcome, first published in 1979, is the latest piece of OA literature to be made available in both print and digital formats. To the Man provides encouragement to male-identified OA members by compiling a series of candid personal recovery stories from men in OA. Keep an eye … Continued

NEW Videoconference Meeting Training and Security/Preventive Measures

Has your online meeting been disrupted? Not sure how to safely launch a videoconference meeting? Use the step-by-step recommendations in OA’s new Videoconference Meeting Training and Security/Preventive Measures guidelines to ensure your on-screen meeting is secure and prepared to respond to intruders and disrupters. Give members and newcomers a place to find recovery through the … Continued

Updated Lifeline Meeting Format Available

In keeping with the recent revival of our Lifeline content via the brand-new blog,, the Suggested Lifeline Meeting Format has been revised and posted in the Document Library on Groups looking to include new perspectives and insights on compulsive eating can use this meeting format as a guided way to discover the wealth of Lifeline articles and shares available to our Fellowship. Back issues of … Continued

Twelve Concepts Pamphlet Published as E-book

The Twelve Concepts of OA Service, an explanatory guide to our OA service principles, is the newest OA pamphlet to be converted to an e-book and made available on popular digital platforms. These Concepts—from the ideas of unity and trust to delegation and dialogue—help OA members, groups, and service bodies apply the Steps and Traditions effectively … Continued