A Workshop in Two Languages? Say ‘Hola’ to Our New Bilingual Workshops

Two new workshops designed for easy translation from English into another language have been posted to the Document Library on oa.org. The new Bilingual Steps Workshop and Bilingual Traditions Workshop have been written specifically to accommodate bilingual OA fellowships with both English- and non-English-speaking members. The workshops contain a quick meeting format, leader’s script, and … Continued

Eligible Service Bodies May Distribute and Sell Translated OA Literature Worldwide

To better meet the ever-growing need for translated OA literature, the International Publications and Translations Committee wants all registered OA service bodies that have received License 2 to know they can distribute and sell translated work worldwide. This includes digital PDFs, print-on-demand publications, e-books, and traditional print publications. For more information and helpful links, see … Continued

Translation Basics Workshop Is a Quick Orientation to Literature Translation

Do you have a passion for translation? Help carry the message of OA to the still-suffering compulsive eater today by educating your service body on our translations process! The Translation Basics Workshop, with a brief thirteen slides, can be presented during your usual OA meeting or at your service body’s next workshop or conference. Find … Continued

Translation Royalties Report

Thank you to the following OA service bodies who have sent a total of US$3,222.56 in royalties to OA world service in 2023: Intergroup Mexico City #09329 Israel National Service Board #09960 Junccab National Service Board #09962 Intergroup OA Francais de Montreal #09160 Buenos Aires ARGBA Intergroup #09671 Junta National Service Board de España #09967 … Continued

Translation Funding Available for OA Literature — Apply Anytime!

Registered OA groups and service bodies as well as small groups of interested members (where a registered group might not yet be established, for example) are eligible to receive funding to assist with translation of OA literature. The International Publications and Translations Committee recommends translating OA literature in a certain order, starting with the OA … Continued

New Flyer: Designated Downloader AND Translator

Any designated downloader who is fluent in a language other than English now has the option to become a Designated Downloader and Translator! The Designated Downloader service position has long connected OA members without digital access to the latest OA recovery news. Adding translation to that service position can help spread the message of OA … Continued