What Is an Outside Issue: Are We Being Open-Minded in Our Meetings?

Those are the questions posed by the Unity with Diversity Conference Committee. To answer, the committee and OA’s Board of Trustees have published a letter emphasizing that sharing within OA about any and all factors in our lives that could cause us to act out with food is not an outside issue! Now it’s your … Continued

Revised: Policy Statements Related to Unity With Diversity, Approved Literature

The 2023 World Service Business Conference drew to a close on April 29, marking the successful conclusion of OA’s annual business meeting. Among the consequential items considered, delegates adopted revised policy statements strengthening OA’s ongoing commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive Fellowship. The following policies have been revised: “Unity with Diversity” Policy (Business Conference … Continued

Embracing Our Differences

All are welcome in OA. When we say or hear that only one piece of literature is the way to work the Steps, the way to carry the message, the way to find recovery, OA stops being accepting, inclusive—welcoming. Read and share Embracing Our Differences, a timely reminder that OA is a Fellowship of unity … Continued