Add OA to Trusted Search Results In Your Country

Service bodies outside the US may be able to boost OA’s online profile among people searching for recovery from anorexia and bulimia. A new letter, “Adding OA to Trusted Eating Disorder Websites Outside the US,” explains how.

If you’ve searched anorexia- or bulimia-related topics on popular search engines or social media sites, you may have noticed these sites place certain results at the top of the list or on a separate page dedicated to trusted eating disorder resources. Online platforms have moved to designate trusted resources to protect users from a trend of harmful content being posted on these topics. OA trustees and region chairs have recognized this as an opportunity for us to carry our message by petitioning to have added to the lists of trusted resources.

The Board of Trustees and the World Service Office are taking steps to improve OA’s profile among US-based search results. If you belong to a service body that operates outside the US, we encourage you to read the letter and explore what similar public information opportunities might be available in your country. Thank you for your service!