Delegates Get the Job Done at World Service Business Conference 2024

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Update June 3, 2024: The summary of the amendment to policy 1982e has been edited for accuracy.

Under the banner “We ALL Belong: Welcome to OA!”, 188 delegates hailing from twenty-one countries and speaking fourteen languages gathered May 7–11 in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA, to convene what turned out to be a most successful World Service Business Conference (WSBC), one that was ever mindful of unity with diversity.

Trustee Elections
The following trustees were elected to three year terms:

  • Cindy C.
  • Bob F.
  • Cyndy L.
  • Susan M.
  • Laurie O.

Following Conference, Board of Trustees officer positions were determined by trustee vote:

  • Meg M., Chair
  • Barb K.., First Vice Chair
  • BJ J., Second Vice Chair
  • Bob L., Treasurer

These trustees, plus Cyndy L., have formed the board’s Executive Committee.

The following trustee liaison assignments were determined by appointment:

  • Beverly M. — Region One
  • Michael K. — Region Two
  • Cindy C. — Region Three
  • Meg M. — Region Four
  • Barb K. — Region Five
  • Bob F. — Region Six
  • Bob L. — Region Seven
  • Laurie O. — Region Eight
  • Emilia I. — Region Nine
  • Susan M. — Region Ten
  • Gary D. — Virtual Region

Committee Chairs
The board’s Executive Committee appointed the following trustees to serve as committee chairs:

  • Barb K. — Board-approved Literature
  • BJ J. — Board Reference Manual Review
  • Emilia I. — Conference Planning
  • Gary D. — Convention 2025
  • Bob L. — Delegate Support Fund
  • Bob F. — Internal Information
  • Susan M. International Publications/Translations
  • Bob L. — Literature Review (interim)
  • Cindy C. — Professional Tradeshows/Public Awareness
  • Barb K. — Strategic Planning
  • Cyndy L. — Website Review

Members of respective WSBC Committees elected the following delegate co-chairs to serve alongside appointed trustee co-chairs for WSBC Conference Committees:

  • This portion of the story will be updated in June when information is made available.

Delegates granted the Conference Seal of a Approval to revise OA Handbook for Members, Groups, and Service Bodies: Recovery Opportunities (#120).

New Business
Delegates worked diligently and deliberately in a spirit of unity with diversity to approve the following Conference policy changes and amendments to OA Bylaws, Subpart B:

  • Amend WSBC Policy 1982e by striking Lifeline and A Step Ahead as designated methods of inviting the Fellowship to open Board of Trustees’ meetings held at World Service Business Conference and World Service Convention. (Editor’s note: not all of these meetings are open to delegates or the Fellowship.)
  • Amend WSBC Policy 2021d by extending delegate eligibility to six consecutive terms with a minimum one-year rotation out of service.
  • Create WSBC Policy 2024a to require that the Board of Trustees make every effort to consider major holidays as well as the three days before or after major holidays when planning World Service Business Conference.
  • In lieu of creating a new Conference policy, refer to the Board of Trustees the task of finding a technical solution in Find a Meeting for groups who would prefer to register multiple meetings under one meeting number. (Some OA national service boards need this solution so they can meet their country’s requirements for charities/nonprofits/non-governmental organizations.)
  • Amend OA Bylaws, Subpart B, Article VIII, Section 1 to establish an alternating schedule for WSBC so that it meets in person one year and virtually the next year, with the Board of Trustees determining any hybrid elements at their discretion.
  • Amend Article VII, Section 4 to change the eligibility requirements to apply as a trustee nominee to include two years of service as a region representative, region committee chair, region board member, region trustee liaison or as a board member of a national service board and to eliminate requirements determined by individual OA regions.
  • Amend Article VI, Section 2, Part a to specify “specific-focus service boards.”
  • Amend Article VII, Section 2, Part b to give the Board of Trustees powers to designate a manner or method for holding meetings of the delegates or any other meeting as required, striking a requirement to meet in the United States.
  • Amend Article VII, Section 5 to streamline language for the region’s role in the trustee nomination process.
  • Amend Article VIII, Section 3, Part b to streamline language for who may speak at WSBC on behalf of a delegate, including any interpreter.
  • Amend Article VIII, Section 3, Part c to extend the deadline for delegate and alternate appointments from seventy days before WSBC to fifty days.
  • Amend Article VIII, Section 4 to streamline language for notifying delegates of WSBC, striking prepaid mailings in favor of electronic transmission.
  • Amend Article XII, Section 1 to exclude individual trustees from being able to submit a proposed Bylaws Amendment. Now, only service bodies, the Board of Trustees, and Conference committees may propose Bylaws Amendments.
  • Amend Article VIII, Section 1 to allow the Board of Trustees to call WSBC or any part of it by virtual method(s).
  • Amend Article VII, Section 7 to require the Board of Trustees to give first consideration for a liaison assignment to the region that affirmed the trustee(s).

That’s a Wrap!
Look for an announcement of the Conference Wrap-Up Report posting soon in the Document Library under category “WSBC: Frequently Used Documents.”

The WSBC 2024 Final Conference Report will be posted in by September. Service bodies and registered WSBC delegates will be notified via email.